SOLD -TANNER- 2011 780 with Eco-Torque

When I finish with some other customer builds that are presently underway, I am going to direct my attention to TANNER.   TANNER meets all my usual stringent criteria -

DYNO – awesome

PAINT – Super

INTERIOR – really nice

MAINTENANCE HISTORY – well taken care of

What really has me excited about this truck is the engine.  This is a D13 engine with the ECO-Torque option.   With Eco-Torque, the truck accelerates normally through all bottom gears. In the top two gears, where most of the fuel is consumed, the engine defaults to the lower torque curve. The higher torque is available on demand, but only under certain conditions. On a steep grade, performance is enhanced when the engine automatically switches to the higher curve. Engine efficiency under these full-load, low-rpm conditions is at its maximum. The engine will revert to the low curve when the power demand is removed and cruise conditions are resumed. This saves fuel.

I don’t get a chance to get the newer model trucks very often, but I have been staying in contact with this truck owner.  I know how clean he keeps his fleet, and how well he maintains his trucks.  He ordered a new truck, and I got his “old” one.

Here are some pictures of TANNER the day I got him:  (note, the moose bumper is coming off, he wants to keep it for his new truck).   I will get more pictures uploaded when we give him a bath, remove the company decals.

Here is a quick video tour:





  • Unique Paint -
  • Nice Decals -
  • Eco-Torque Engine -
  • Best fuel economy -
  • 500 HP -
  • Rear Workstation Config. -
  • 3.36 rear end ratio -
  • ishift transmission -
  • non smoking interior -
  • fully loaded

Fuel Type
Engine Size
500 HP
I-Shift Automatic