SOLD YAY! – RINGO – 2005 Volvo 670, Pre-Emissions, Excellent Dyno

RINGO is destined for Illinois! Patti and Bill have been married for 37 years. Originally from England, Patti chose her husband because he asked her if “she wanted to grown old with him”. Bill is pleased to report that the “getting old part” is happening. Patti is looking forward to seeing more of the USA and North America. Patti and Bill are also looking forward to more kayaking, biking and exploring, and have chosen RINGO to be their latest family member. They already have their Smart-Car (named ABBEY) and their trailer (named LEXI). They plan on selling their home in 5 years, and hitting the road! In a recent e-mail, they were even talking about a trip to Alaska!

Bill is a diesel mechanic by trade, and I am honored that Bill would trust someone else build his RVHauler. He has worked on everything from Detroits, to CATs, to buses. It is somewhat nerve-wracking to know that an expert mechanic is going to be critiquing my work!

Patti is highly distracted on her way to and from work on Interstate 80. She is looking at all the VOLVOs!

Like most of my conversions, I like to deliver them in-person to where-ever my customer lives in North America. I always look forward to taking a few days to get my customer accustomed to their new family member. We take the time for lots of test-drives, getting hooked-up to their trailer, and making sure everything is perfect before I return home. Patti was initially suggesting that after my delivery, my return flight should be “first class” and via Paris. But I told her my French is pretty rusty, and I have to get home to work on other RVHauler conversions.


The Conversion to an RVHauler is complete, and I have been driving RINGO all over. He has a beautiful ride, and shift pattern. We gave RINGO the usual “spa” treatment of new brakes, full synthetics, exterior polish, belts, airlines, new front tires, and the list goes on and on.

When I first met the owner of this truck, he proceeded to give me a one hour lesson on how to take care of a diesel engine. The previous owner of this truck, Zee, has his power engineering degree, and knows how engines work, and how to take care of them. He had owned this truck since new, and has always used synthetics, and additives through-out his truck to ensure it would last. He was careful to explain that he would always idle his engine 20 minutes, before touching the throttle and moving. He was also careful to allow the truck to idle 20 minutes BEFORE he shut it down. He explained that this allowed all the different metals to cool down properly and evenly, ensuring his gaskets would last, and metals would not wear.

It shows.

We did the engine dyno, and we have the proof that Zee’s preventative maintenance practices were wise. Considering the horesepower losses through the transmission, driveshafts, differential and wheels, this truck is actually producing 6.97 horsepower MORE than it was rated for. Outstanding. This engine is broken in, and still young. When I bought this truck from Zee, he boasted that

“This engine will go another 400,000 miles”.

The dyno suggests he might be right. Will you drive that many miles in your travels?

Dyno Graph

Zee was also a fan of Blue Beacon. This is a national truck-wash company that he frequented. The paint and body condition is really impressive, considering this is a 9 year old truck. He had it washed all the time as he traveled.

We can also move to the interior, and see that Zee had pride in his ride. It was a “shoes-off zone” inside this truck, and the carpet, and floor is superb.

I have quite a few customers wanting me to find a truck with:

But one which would LAST

I think I found another cream-puff.

PLEASE NOTE: The price does not include the Smart Car Bed or the Smart Car. If you wish to also include the Smart Car Bed, the bed costs an additional $16,800. This bed includes the proper ramps, chocks, winch, controls, and wheel tie-downs.


See a video tour of the truck here:


IMPORTANT NOTE: I have a really sensitive nose. I also have mild asthma, and I can’t drive a “smoking truck” for any length of time. Zee used to smoke cigarettes in the past. He quit a few years ago, but when the truck sat in the sun for a few days, I could tell. We have taken this truck interior apart, and washed everything, and steam cleaned the walls and ceiling. I have also released chlorine dioxide gas in the interior, and let it sterilize for 3 days. I think I have completely knocked the smoke smell out of it, but everyone is sensitive to odors to different degrees. I will leave it to you to determine if this truck is a match for you. I would now drive this truck. It has now been two months since we took in this truck. I have had it sitting closed-up for weeks at a time, and then opened the door. I can’t smell anything.

I have quite a few folks ask me how we pick our truck names:

Sometimes the names are obvious, but sometimes, they are a bit more cryptic.

Zee had the word “SUBMARINE” written on the side of the sleeper.
ie – Yellow Submarine
That led me to the Beatles Song by the same name.
As a tribute to one of the Beatles, I named him RINGO. (you can change the name of course)


  • Workstation Configuration -
  • Auto-shift Transmission -
  • 465 Horsepower -
  • 3.42 rearend ratio -
  • Power Windows -
  • Cruise Control -
  • Deluxe Air-Ride Seats -
  • 1,400,000 kms -
  • 870,000 miles -
  • Excellent Interior Condition -

$ 56,000.00

Fuel Type
Engine Size
ZF Meritor Freedomline