SOLD – MICAH-2008 Volvo 780 “Just Like Jack’s”

I get quite a few requests for a truck “Just like Jack’s”.  Ha!   I got it!  Meet MICAH.

This is a very sharp looking truck. The decals were professionally installed from the factory by Volvo. I would expect another 300,000 + miles of reliable operation if the truck were operating commercially and carrying the BIG LOADS. How long will it last with our light RV loads? I would expect longer. How far will you travel in your North America touring? MICAH will get you there.

Video Tour of MICAH Inside and Out:


George will tell  you that this truck supported a family of 6.  He is also proud to say “this truck has made me lots of money”.  It has been that reliable.  He has taken professional pride in his Volvo because the most important people in his life were counting on it.  He also treats the truck like a “business” (his words).  He has been proactive, and never ignored the small things.

George always took his shoes off in his home, and likewise in his truck.  With only a few minutes of notice, I first met George and MICAH in-between loads at the truck stop.  If you want to get a good impression of how a truck is really treated, meet the owner and truck in their “natural environment”.  Don’t give them a chance to “tidy up”.  Well, I knew we found a truck “just like Jack’s” after the meet and test drive.

Here is the video of that first meeting:

Video note – in the video, when we first saw the truck, there wasn’t a workstation configuration. We are presently installing a brand-new Volvo kit (the table, cushions, benches, etc).


  • -workstation configuration
  • -ishift auto trans
  • -D16 engine 500 HP
  • -704,000 miles
  • -fantastic paint cond.
  • -immaculate interior
  • -new tires
  • -all synthetic oils

Fuel Type
Engine Size
500 HP
I-Shift Automatic