SOLD! – BRYANT – 2009 Volvo 780 low mileage


Christine and Dan will be officially retired next year.  For a while, they were struggling with the motorhome VS 5th wheel decision.  The decision has been made.  They have started with BRYANT, and are now starting their search for the perfect “house on wheels”.

Christine was the first one to see BRYANT since she travels back from their temporary home in Mexico to visit their 3 daughters living in the Calgary area.    She said yes.  (Dan smiled)

Dan likes chrome.  BRYANT already has some nice shine to him, but we are adding more.  Oh, and train horns of course.  We have to look good coming into the campground, and sound good too.  Dan has been working for the same company since he was 18.  He has put in many hours on the job, and doing night courses through his career.  Dan took an opportunity with his employer for a 3 yr assignment so the two of them are living full time in San Juan Del Rio, Mexico with approx. 1 year remaining. Next year, he will have been working for the same company for 39 years, traveling great distances to work with gas turbines and natural gas pipelines all over North America.  Soon they will be traveling in style, for different reasons!  Traveling with BRYANT, Phoenix Loader Bed, Smart Car, and a well-appointed 5th wheel RV.


Congratulations, and thank you Christine and Dan for trusting RVHaulers to customize their retirement ride.



Bonus Bonus.  Everyone likes low mileage, and I found a really nice one.  All the usual check-list passes with flying colors.

? Workstation Configuration – CHECK

? Nice Paint – CHECK

? Great Maintenance – CHECK

? Super Clean Interior – CHECK

? I-Shift Transmission – CHECK

How about this one?  Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)? – CHECK.  Yes, this truck is outfitted with an on-board diesel generator and air-conditioning unit.  New, this is a $10,000 option.

Nothing is missing in this truck.  It even has a nice removable deer bumper!

Speaking of flying colors – I love this color.  It has a metallic flake in the paint that really makes it stand out.  I might even add one or two decals to match your trailer, and really tie the whole rig together as a unit.

Want to carry the toys?  Smart Car?  I will add the bed for you.

Remember – we handle the entire import and delivery to your door anywhere in the US.  Please set aside a day or two to allow us ample time for training, connecting your trailer, setting ride height, calibrating brakes, etc.  We want to be sure you are completely comfortable with your new RVHauler before we head home to start our next build.


  • - low mileage
  • - exceptionally clean
  • - Generator APU
  • - workstation configuration
  • - new tires
  • - excellent inspection
  • - fully loaded with leather

Fuel Type
Engine Size
500 HP
I-Shift Automatic