SOLD -’MAVERICK’ a 2009 Volvo with 500 HP

MAVERICK was owned by a couple from here in Alberta, Canada. They have retired, and we now own their MAVERICK.

He is a beautiful metallic jade color. If the color isn’t quite right, we will do a full-body paint to match your 5th wheel coach. If you don’t like that shiny moose-bumper, we will install a factory bumper in its place.

MAVERICK also has a nice bonus hidden under the sleeper. He is equipped with an auxiliary power unit (APU). This is a diesel generator providing 115 AC volts and up to 6000 watts of power.

I think he has the perfect mileage at 516,000 miles. The seats are great, the interior plastics are great, and the Volvo model 780 has been singled “mid”. We have paused at this point before we do any more custom work. Do you want a smart car bed? Or perhaps you want him left as-is with the addition of some fenders, and an air-ride hitch.

PRICE? Let us know how you might like him customized, and we can build the pricing for you!

Video Introduction to MAVERICK:


  • APU Diesel Generator !!! -
  • Non smoking -
  • Ishift autoshift transmission -
  • Husband and wife owned -
  • Amazing repair and maintenance history -

Fuel Type
Engine Size
500 HP
I-Shift Automatic