SOLD – ‘LOGAN’ 2009 Model 730 with 535 HP


I have received requests from a few folks that would like to see a less expensive model brought into inventory. When a candidate truck has higher mileage, it brings the purchase price down a fair amount. I expect LOGAN will provide over 300,000 miles of safe, reliable towing to a customer before any engine or transmission work might be needed.

Is 300,000 miles of “life” enough for you?

Interested in a smart car bed?

I think that LOGAN’s black lower body would allow us to sand-blast and paint the storage boxes and fuel tanks black. We can then SAVE $10,000 by installing a Basic Smart Car Bed (not the skirted bed version). Visually, it should look really good, and keep quite a bit of $ in your wallet for fuel expenses. How far will $10,000 of “free fuel” take you?

How Much does he cost? You have to let me know what you want added to him. Smart Bed? Camera? Headlight Upgrades? All these things greatly affect the end price. I invite you to call us, and I can quickly ask a few questions to narrow down the pricing, and provide an accurate final price – including delivery to your door. Our delivery includes two days of owner orientation, trailer connection and safety, and help at the DMV if required.

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  • Non Smoking Interior -
  • Swivel Seats -
  • Workstation Configuration -
  • Nice 3.36 rear end ratio -
  • Mechanically Strong

Fuel Type
Engine Size
535 HP
I-Shift Automatic