SOLD -”DJ”- 2004 Volvo 780, Special Edition

Rob and Alice have been thoroughly enjoying their full-timing in DJ! You might recall that they purchased their “DJ” a while ago, when he had originally 646,000 miles. They are now at 662,000 miles on the odometer!

Alice called me, and said – “She is so enamored with their traveling in an HDT, that she wants a newer one! I think I could HEAR Rob in the background smiling.

They want to upgrade to a newer truck. They want to continue their full-timing in the newer truck technology. I am on the hunt for the perfect match. In the mean-time, they want to sell their eye-catching “DJ”.

A Video Introduction to Learn More about DJ:

Do you want an RVHauler that has been road-tested for over 350 hours?  Rob is the kind of person that when he upgrades or fixes something, he has the work done professionally, and to better than new condition.  Rob wants me to report that since taking possession of DJ, they have had the following repairs and upgrades completed:

  1. Power steering pump
  2. Upgraded the dash power adapter for a dual USB power port
  3. Idler pulley
  4. Stuck drivers door lock
  5. Broken switch on the dash
  6. A/C compressor
  7. Passenger Window does not always go down (being repaired now).
  8. Upgraded night-time illumination with LED low beam lamps.

Can we put this together for them? DJ is ready for a new home.  We have some flexibility in the timing. We can work together to have Gregg deliver the RVHauler to you, and provide the training on DJ’s operation.


Meet ROB and ALICE when we first delivered their DJ:

ROB and ALICE: Started their one-year tour of the United States in style. Rob has worked the past 30 years in aerospace and computer systems He has contributed to engineering and systems design on the international space station, Hubble telescope, and large scale cellular satellite systems. He also worked as an executive for a world leading IT company making servers and personal computers. He has worked towards an early retirement to spend more time with Alice and traveling. They have leased their home for a year, and are hitting the road with their new 5th wheel trailer.

Alice is taking a year long leave from her work and is excited about traveling. She enjoys going and experiencing different areas and seeing the sights but she also cherishes a good nap in the afternoon. Their original plan was to pull their fifth wheel with a diesel pickup. After a test tow and some serious discussions they came up with a better solution for their needs. When they looked at the customized HDTs from Gregg they felt they had found the right setup. For this trip, they outfitted DJ with a basic Smartcar Deck. Rob has spec-ed out his new smart car which they plan on carrying.

Kerry and I are going to deliver DJ to them in Nevada where their new trailer is staged and loaded. After a day of training and hooking everything up, they are on their US adventure.

We have named this RVHauler “DJ”. I know, I know, not very creative eh? (I am a Canadian – I can legitimately say eh)

DJ has been singled mid at 230″ wheelbase. It is the perfect length for adding a deck, and carrying a smart car, while still being able to tow the largest 5th wheel trailers. We have gone through DJ top to bottom, and well…. we gave him the royal RVHaulers spa treatment. His Cummins powerplant has been fully maintained, he has all new brakes and drums front and back, 95% steer tires, 95% drive tires, fully rebuilt and balance drive shafts, and all new hoses and lines to the back. The list goes on! We have tried our best to make DJ as reliable, safe and sharp-looking as possible.


This Volvo has been Ken’s baby since he bought it new. Ken owns the company fleet of trucks, and he hasn’t allowed anyone else to drive it (except his wife SOMETIMES). After much arm wrestling with Ken, RVHaulers now owns this unique truck, and we customized it to the most popular configuration.

Ken is retiring (well, trying to) and he decided he needed to start parting with some of the work toys, and start buying the retirement toys.

This is a special edition Dale Earnhardt Jr. truck – and was customized at the Volvo factory.

Ken tells me there were only 150 of these trucks made, and very few of them are left on the road. Ken put every option into this truck – the Cummins 500 HP engine – 300 watt stereo – leather custom embroidered seats – deluxe climate control.

What impressed me about this truck is Ken’s penchant for polish. He power-polished the exterior and detailed the interior every year, and it shows. Remember this is a 9 year-old truck with only 646,000 miles (1,045,000 kms).

The Dale Earnhardt Jr. theme is carried through to the custom leather seats, the floor mats, and the embriodery in the back sleeper.

To see a video tour of the exterior and interior, see the video:


  • Year: 2004
  • Model: 780
  • 500 HP Cummins
  • Mileage : 646,000 miles
  • Interior Color :grey
  • Seats:2
  • Refrigerator
  • Leather Seats
  • Rear Table and Benches
  • ZF Autoshift Transmission
  • Unique Decals
  • Unique Interior Embroidery

Fuel Type
Engine Size
500 HP
ZF Meritor Freedomline