SOLD 2009 Volvo 780, 500 HP, ishift, ‘RUPERT’

Angie and James were hauling their 5th wheel RV up Raton pass, and they blew a boost hose off their pickup. The Ford F350 had to be towed, and they had some time to do some internet searching. Ultimately, they had the opportunity to see and drive Jack and Danielle Mayer’s 2009 Volvo 780, and that got them thinking.

Angie and James are excited to start their HDT travels in RUPERT. They have plans for an even bigger 5th wheel trailer now! Angie already has visions of adding decals to match the trailer.

They plan to add a smart car deck, and travel in style!

James shared with me the following:

” I chose to go with Gregg because he represents what a good company and person should be. Honest and forth-coming. As a business owner this is how I run my own company. Gregg came highly recommended by Jack Mayer. Gregg answered every question promptly and even added information that was not part of the original question. I am buying sight-unseen and this is the confidence I have in Gregg. ”

Here is a video tour of the exterior and interior:


I love getting trucks from couples. They are always the nicest inside and out. RUPERT is no exception. This is a ‘shoes off inside’ truck and it shows.

BACKGROUND: Dave and Joan own 5 trucks. This was their truck, and they bought it new. I have the complete maintenance and repair history. When you walk into their shop – the shop is tidy and neat. So are their fleet of trucks. Joan and Dave had their new truck arrive, and I was lucky enough to jump at the chance to get their used one.

Dave told me that one of their regular runs was from Edmonton to Price Rupert. I thought RUPERT would be a good name.

I drove this truck for 5 hours to get home. I love the 3.21 rear end ratio. At 63 MPH I was running at 1250 rpms, and averaged 13.2 MPG. (bobtailed) I then drove another two hours at 72 MPH, and averaged 12.2 MPG. Nice.


  • Low RPMS at highway speed -
  • ishift -
  • workstation configuration -
  • big horsepower -
  • leather seats -
  • fully optioned interior

Fuel Type
Engine Size
500 HP
I-Shift Automatic