SOLD 1999 Volvo 610 ‘Casper’ with Herrin Hauler Deck

I would to introduce you to ‘Casper”. This truck has PROVENANCE.

DEFINITION: prov·e·nance – The records or documents authenticating such an object or the history of its ownership.
[French, from provenant, present participle of provenir, to originate, from Old French, from Latin prvenre : pr-, forth; see pro-1 + venre, to come; see gw- in Indo-European roots.]

For almost 9 years Jack and Danielle Mayer have enjoyed this truck while “fulltime” RVing. It has NEVER broken down, and has always been well maintained. They have never had an issue with the transmission or engine. They have performed extensive preventive/preemptive maintenance.

They are upgrading to a larger, longer, Volvo 780, and they want to sell their beloved Casper.

Take A Video Tour of Casper

• Cummins ISM 400hp, 1450 lb/ft torque
• Autoshift transmission (clutch only when starting or coming to a complete stop); 3.90 rear cruises at 63mph at 1500 rpm (the sweet spot for this engine setup). 13 – 13.5 mpg on cruise bobtail (Interstate driving); 12 mpg bobtailing around town.
• 611,000 miles on 11/25/2012
• 182” wheelbase – just slightly more than a crew cab dually. This truck was singled, short. The short wheelbase and the 50 degree wheel-cut make driving a pleasure. It easily out turns any pickup.
• 300 gallons fuel in 2×150 tanks. Large crossover between tanks means you can fuel from a single side if desired.
• Two stage Jake brake.
• Truck is white. 61” condo with two bunks. Interior is grey.
• All air ride – air suspension, air hitch, air cab, air seats. This truck rides great and is very quiet. The fully adjustable steering wheel allows anyone to obtain a comfortable driving position. Volvo driving position and seating ergonomics are the best in the heavy trucking world.
• Driver airbag, and the engine is designed to dive under the cab in a head-on collision.
• Cruise control works well and the ECM is set to allow automatic Jake engagement at 3 mph over the set speed. So on cruise you will not gain a lot of speed down hills. Less management work for the driver.
• Aluminum wheels
• Block heater; heated mirrors.
• Drivers display works. All gauges work; all instrument cluster indicators work.
• No engine errors on the drivers display.
• Good rubber in all locations.
• Synthetic oil in all locations (engine, trans, diff, etc). No engine oil changes required – just filter changes and oil sampling.
• Air conditioning is good front and back. It has been rebuilt over the years. The lines to the rear cab have been replaced, as well. Rear (sleeper) heating and AC controls work.
• Good radio with inbuilt satellite capabilities. Portable satellite radio bracket on dash fits current Sirius portables like the Starlight, and will remain with truck; sat antenna mounted on exterior visor.
• External Pressure Pro tire monitor antenna.
• New Sears Elite seats in Ultra leather; color is black with grey inserts.
• Shore power, 1500 watt inverter, auto transfer of shore power, (2) 120 and (6) 12 volt outlets on dash
• Cobra CB 75 WSXB with weather, with single antenna on left mirror (no damage from trees)
• Three video cameras and monitor. Truck is wired for two additional cameras on trailer. Extra umbilical cord passes video from trailer, and toad brake feedback signal (for double towing). Cameras on truck show: right side view (45*), rear view (high), rear view of hitch for hookup.
• Set up for BluDot actuator on trailer with rear gladhands, OR Hensley TruControl Gold controller which is included. Jackalopee tail light converter.
• Computer workstation at normal CB radio location allows swivel of computer between driver/navigator, and it pulls forward on a slide for typing. Computer setup can be seen in the pictures with additional information, and is available for sale with truck at additional cost. It includes two navigation programs.
• Upper bunk can be folded down for seatback. No seatbelts at rear.
• Body is good, paint is good. No dents or large scratches. No chips out of the fiberglass. Typical stone chips on front bumper and fender flairs. Typical small spider webs in some portions of the fiberglass fenders.
• Interior is “good” with no excessive wear or tears.
• Currently there is a small refrigerator with a cabinet for appliances above it. The cabinet is incomplete at the moment but is designed to house a sink, a microwave, and a coffee center. It could be removed, or completed. The sink water fill, fresh water tank, pump and wiring is complete. I have the sink and faucet if desired, it is simply not installed. This is sold “as is”.
• Refrigerator (small dorm size) goes with truck. Microwave does not.
Herrin Hauler Bed (see pictures of truck)
• This body has 4 side storage compartments, two “saddlebag” compartments over the wheels, and a front storage compartment. There are shelves in the side compartments.
• Hitch is a three-bag TrailerSaver. Rated to 7,000lbs pin weight, and it has a 32,000lb Binkley head. There is an air gauge in the cab of the truck and you can fill or drain the air from the cab.
• Hitch location is adjustable, depending on desired deck cargo. In the forward position it is still well behind the axle centerline for maneuverability. I run it in that position.
• Bed has space to carry a motorcycle or many ATVs (not side-by-sides). It cannot carry a smartcar. There is approximately 42” of cargo space in front of 56” of trailer swing room with the hitch in the rear position. More or less…..This is without using the 14” of space within the vertical cab fairings, which could be used, depending on the deck cargo. These are pretty good approximations, but if you have a “tight” situation better measurements need to be made.
• Tie-down rails for cargo.
• Dark tint on side windows – Texas legal.


• Oil Filter change is due. Synthetic oil means no additional oil needed other than the filter. The truck does not use oil.
• There are the typical small oil leaks under the truck. It does not drip oil excessively and does not require oil top up between filter changes. These are not worth the cost of repair in Jack’s opinion.
• The fuel lines are due for replacement. They decay over the years and these are about due for replacement. I would do this in the next 12 months.


  • Herrin Hauler Bed!
  • Storage Compartments,
  • Cummins 400 HP,
  • Ratio 3.90,
  • 611,000 Miles,
  • Two 150 Gallon Tanks,
  • TrailerSaver 5th Wheel Hitch,
  • Autoshift Transmission,
  • Aluminum Wheels,
  • Refrigerator,
  • Price: $55,000

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