Don C, owner of an RVHauler says:

“I don’t think anyone has anything to worry about … your expectations will be met when when you get the truck.”

The Buying Process

  1. Come in for a test drive and try one out for yourself.
  2. Consider what modifications and customizations you will need for your truck and talk to us about solutions and options.
  3. Discuss the deposit, payment and/or financing with us.
  4. Your RVHauler will be scheduled for the customizations. The length of this build is dependant on the customizations chosen.
  5. On completion, pickup your RVHauler and drive away.

In-Stock Trucks

We always try to have road-ready RV Haulers in stock. They have been singled, and fully rebuilt. They all have approximately 500 to 600,000 miles or  800 to 900,000 kms and are usually 2007  to 2009 models. (The model year does not affect the price, the mileage is the key factor in determining price.)

If you want a fully inspected and rebuilt two-seater, with automatic transmission, and an installed 5th wheel air ride hitch, we might have one ready for you!

  • The average rebuilt and road-ready units are $80,000+.
  • Depending on the fit and materials you want, a basic smart-car deck would be $16,000.  If you want tool boxes, drom boxes and some shine, prices will increase.
  • Most trucks are outfitted with two pedal autoshift transmissions.  ZF Meritor Freedomline transmissions are the most prevalent in used Volvo rv puller trucks.  The Volvo ishift I-shift transmissions were introduced in 2008 and we are seeing those filtering down into the used market.
  • We have access to Volvo 670, and Volvo 780s most frequently.  On rare occasions we have Volvo 630, Volvo 730 or Volvo 880s in stock.


Many of our customers are looking for a few customizations to the interior and exterior.

If you have unique needs you don’t see listed, add them to the design requirements. Every RV Hauler HDT conversion is unique, and we will do any custom work needed.

We will provide you with a detailed quote and the required build time based on your design.

Many of our clients go through a few iterations of the design until it meets their needs and budget.

Contact Us

If you are interested further, please contact us. We would love to hear what you are planning!

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