Top 10 Reasons to Choose an RV Hauler HDT (Heavy Duty Truck) over a Pickup Truck, Medium Duty Truck (MDT) or a Sport Truck
  1. Safety – superior braking and control.
  2. Finally! – You can pull the largest trailers, and take all your toys.
  3. Easy to Drive – automatic transmissions with no clutch.
  4. Power for passing and climbing the toughest mountain passes.
  5. Quiet, comfortable interiors designed for the longest trips.  End your holiday with a relaxing drive home.
  6. All our RV Hauler units are inspected and upgraded top to bottom
  7. Operate with a standard driver’s licence plus airbrake certificate in most provinces or states
  8. Fuel Economy: 10+ MPG (imperial) while towing the largest 5th wheel trailers or horse trailers
  9. Seats up to 5 passengers comfortably
  10. Smaller turning radius than a one ton pickup truck
Photo of an RV Hauler truck: Buy your own puller!
What makes our trucks unique and sets us apart

Step One – Start With the Right Truck

  • We source rv puller trucks from our favorite sources who provide us with complete maintenance histories.
  • We only buy rv puller trucks that were driven by non-smokers.
  • We test drive each of our prospective rv toter units. If we can’t drive it, we won’t buy it.

We don’t start with the cheapest trucks, we start with the best trucks.

Step Two – Do It Right, Do It Now

RVHaulers treats every class 8 truck conversion as if we were converting it for our own use.
Growing up on a farm, we learned that if you ignore something small and don’t fix it now, it will be a bigger more expensive problem later.

Every class 8 rv hauler gets stripped down such that there is nothing but two frame rails sticking out behind the sleeper. We inspect and rebuild all of our Volvo HDT rv hauler units to ensure reliability.

  • We remove both main drive shafts. We rebuild them (new bearings etc). We have the drive shafts rebalanced. We simplify and adjust the airlines, removing all the unnecessary components which could end up being a point of failure in the future.
  • We install new brakes, shocks, and drums.
  • We complete front end and engine inspections.
  • We install all new wiring to the new LED rear lights and trailer connections. We install two sealed junction boxes for wiring. If you want to add lights later, it is easy to connect them.
  • We power polish the aluminum rims and fuel tanks. We power polish the entire truck for easy power washing later. We immaculately clean and detail our trucks inside.
  • We custom place every hitch to ensure the correct trailer ride-height.

These small things are what require time and a few extra dollars …but they make a big difference!

Step Three – We Drive Them!

The final key difference between RV Haulers and our competitors is we drive our Volvo HDT trucks before we sell them.

  • All of us drive them daily to and from work, hockey practice, kid’s soccer, grocery shopping, and everywhere else (except the drive thru).
  • We hook our Volvo RV Toters to trailers and take them on the road and into the mountains.
  • We find the rattles and squeaks.
  • We find the wind whistle at 105km/hr that only happens when the wind comes from the passenger side.
  • We find the coolant sensor that records low coolant if you go around the corner too fast.
  • We find the weak battery that only shows up when the temp drops below 10 DegC.

We make sure we find all the little things that need attention.

We Listen, Think, and Build

We have a superior product because we know our clientele.

If you are full-timers, a family travelling across country, or a rodeo athlete spending every weekend travelling in your RV Hauler, you need a reliable vehicle.

However, everyone has unique needs. Talk to us about how you are going to use your RV Hauler, and we will make a vehicle that meets your needs.

Contact us to view and test drive one of our stock RV Haulers today!

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